2019/04/25 14:58:05
Arnar Paul

Multiple PhP with HC

I am using HC and wanted to know that if multiple PHP versions are supported with it. If it is not supported then how soon you guys are planning to support it?
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HC Team
HC Supports multiple  PHP versions in HC panel both for Windows and Linux. You can configure your desired PHP versions in WebServer seettings by giving configurations related to each PHP version.
Note : With Linux FastCGI is supported for multiple PHP versions on the same Apache Server.
2019/04/26 00:04:39
Arnar Paul
Thanks for the response. Do you have any guidelines from where I can seek the help to configure multiple PHP versions?
2019/04/26 00:31:20
Arnar Paul
Hi there,
I am unable to find the article on Multiple PHP from here https://portal.hostingcontroller.com
Can you point me to the right direction?
2019/04/29 12:22:28
HC Team
There are no requirements from HC panel except that fastcgi mode should be selected for PHP in order to use its multiple versions. The settings of PHP are already explained in the WebServer settings section as given in the below link :
You can easily specify the path of each PHP version according to their actual configurations on the servers.
Note : Mandatory part of PHP configurations is that it should be properly installed and configured on your IIS or Apache Server. And then you can specify the configurations in HC panel too.
2019/05/02 08:08:07

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