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RE: Two different mail servers not supported? 2008/06/25 06:36:37 (permalink)
i would like to know if can i Have Main Windows server, only with DNS, and SQL Server, one linux server only for websites, one windows server only for websites, and more 3 linux server only for email and newsletter?? Can i will choose for what server my clients will send emails?
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RE: Two different mail servers not supported? 2008/06/25 11:47:54 (permalink)
We support such type of cluster but mail server type should be same on all mail servers means you can install either send mail or qmail on all of your 3 linux mail servers. You can use any mail server for sending newsletter and it has nothing to do with HC because HC only creates mail domain and boxes in mail server.

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Re:Two different mail servers not supported? 2009/06/01 21:58:54 (permalink)

I am trying to get two separate mail servers online, an older one running Imail used by HC6.1 and a newer one running Smartermail for new sites. Seems HC7 only lets you specify one mail server. Shouldn't you specify the mail server software when adding the server to the cluster??? It doesn't let you change it there, it only lets you set a GLOBAL setting of Imail or Smartermail. So its like ISPs must stick to one mail software and can't migrate or go to a different/better product down the road!

In Hosting Controller 8.0 version we have started support to use more than one mail server in a single cluster.

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