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RE: Awstats Issues 2007/03/15 12:23:12 (permalink)
Placing back only the 'statsdomains' for AWStats under global settings (not the 'update-time' value) Just by enabling AWStats from global settings is NOT corrupting the auto update process.

Placing back the update-time value under global settings is corrupting the auto update process.

So my conclusion is that an earlyer build of HC has placed the update-time value under global settings and this was the reason AWStats was not working form me. At this moment AWStats on Build# 7.00.0006 is working ok as long as there is no update-time value for AWStats under global settings.
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RE: Awstats Issues 2007/03/15 21:40:15 (permalink)
Is ir normal? HCSync works 8-9 times per minute! "Web resources update" Please view the image. I don't have space for other logs! also the system is a little overload with this...

The strange fact is that Resources Update Interval : 12 hours

About Awstats bug, it can be discover for HC!!! I will solution for build 7


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RE: Awstats Issues 2007/03/16 03:02:15 (permalink)
Right i'm going to get in trouble off hc for this but i think its interesting

We have noted for a while we use about 20% cpu during peak times, which is about 10am - 11pm GMT mon - fri

Now we are testing build 7 for hc at the min and i installed it a couple of days ago. Funny thing is cpu has now dropped to 10% now this might not be anything to do with hc but its rather odd, both servers have dropped 10% cpu

See graph

Thats live from our linux cacti box

Now again take this "as is" i could be wrong, but if anyone else is seeing high cpu could be linked :) Anyways i will do some research later see if a website is no longer using our services etc, but 20% constant is quite lot, i dont see any site using 10% to itself :)

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RE: Awstats Issues 2007/03/16 10:06:32 (permalink)
Latest Builds for Windows and Linux have been released. Please check release notes.

HC Support Team
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