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How to get advwebadmin password

Hi Support,

I am using HC Panel 6.1 on my windows 2003 server for up to 200 sites. My problem is that I have changed the Directory Security permission of admin virtual directory to Anonymous User (IUSR) on one of my website. After changing it I am not able to browse admin panel of my site. Now when I changing back directory to AdvWebAdmin User I Don't have password of this user and I can't reset AdvWebAdmin user Password because if I changed its password all my sites will be down. So please give me the solutions for this problem as soon as possible.

Gurdeep Singh


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    RE: How to get advwebadmin password 2008/01/18 03:16:15 (permalink)
    In 2003 you can copy a working /admin virtual directory of a site and paste under another site.

    IIS -- website ---admin virtual directory -- Right Click---All Tasks---Save configuration to a file

    IIS--website---right click-- New ---Virtual Directory (from file)
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    RE: How to get advwebadmin password 2008/01/18 08:03:42 (permalink)
    Yes it works. Prolem resolved,

    Thakns a Lot
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