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2008/01/18 23:41:26 (permalink)

Error code on Auto Sign-up

When I use the auto sign-up everything goes thru ok but in the address bar it shows the following:

What does this error mean?
Does HC have a Doc some where that has all the errors and what they mean?

I just noticed that after my auto-sign ups frontpage doesn't come already installed and it used to.
Also when I do install it in HC it doesn't have "Allow authors to upload executables" checked.
Can I change that some where so it is checked by default?

Thank You

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    Hosting Controller
    RE: Error code on Auto Sign-up 2008/01/21 11:38:04 (permalink)
    You can check error description in \INI folder of HC installation at this path "\Program Files\Advanced Communications\Hosting Controller 7C\". Here is the given error detail:

    Error-Code="73600071" Account created successfully with the following details.

    We are not facing any problem with autosignup. Please contact support for these issues. They will check your panel in detail to fix these problems. Thanks

    HC Support Team
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