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2008/01/25 20:29:21 (permalink)

Mail Enable Installation

Whats the best?
1. Install Mail Enable (ME) before HC7 OR
2. Install HC7 before Mail Enable (ME)

On a clean Windows 2003 Server with IIS

1a. When installing ME First, ME prompts you for a default (a domain from which mail enable will run) install domain which it offers a list of domains installed on IIS. Of course on a clean install their is no valid domains on IIS.

2a. If HC7 is installed before mail enable, when adding a domain within HC7 for ME to run from, the Add Website area. In this area we have to populate: Mail Access & Mail Password.

This is quite confusing because we have not installed ME yet.
So whats best practise? & What should we do if we have installed HC first?


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    RE: Mail Enable Installation 2008/01/26 13:03:30 (permalink)
    You can install anything. HC does not have any limitation on it. During Mail Enable installation you can give "Default Website" of IIS to create Mail Enable virtual directoriese and no need to create this default website through HC panel later on.

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