LockedHC is shutting wrongly down sites

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2008/02/13 06:55:18 (permalink)

HC is shutting wrongly down sites

We do NOT charge for bandwidth yet find it impossible to stop Hosting Controller from shutting down websites.

If on looks at the reseller setting in:
System: My Server: Bandwidth Usage Settings
There is a Actions to Perform : "Do Nothing" option.
When selected and then saved it reverts back to "Suspend Website".

1. Log in as master account for control panel.
2. Lookup reseller
3. Auto login as reseller
4. Go to above setting.
5. For Threshold Limit enter: 99.99
6. For action to perform select "Do Nothing"
7. Click on "Save Settings"
8. Go back and check your settings, it is not sticky and has reverted to previous settings.

Note: this is also the case for Disk Usage.

This has got to be fixed ASAP as we cannot have sites shut down requiring manual intervention to get them back up. It is time you put out your next update or come up with an immediate hotfix for this problem.

We are NOT amused by Hosting Controller's quality control and obvious lack of software testing capabilities to let this type of bug get out. This is obviously a "Beta Test" product.


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    RE: HC is shutting wrongly down sites 2008/02/13 07:52:41 (permalink)
    This bug has already been fixed and you will get its fix in build 13. Thanks

    HC Support Team
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