LockedphpBB, WP-Blog and mysql Problem

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2008/02/26 07:47:21 (permalink)

phpBB, WP-Blog and mysql Problem

Hi all there.
I am encountering two Errors while either creating DBs under user-account or installing phpBB-Forum or WP-Blogs.

When installing WP or phpBB, the error is unexpected 72200020.

When adding a DB, the error 72200050 is presented.

Installed Versions are HC 6.1 HF3.3 with all postfixes and actual LPs done, MySQL 4.1.7, PHP 5.1.2 (from HC-Tools-Package).

When installing phpBBforum to a domain, in mysql-data the directory for bbdomain12345678 (shortened to 14 characters in length if longer) is created and a file db.opt is placed in there.
Same for installing WP-Blog.

When creating a database under user-account directly to the domain, the error is Error: 71400050 : Cannot execute desired action. Error: ,
but the result is the same.

Who can help me out?

Greeting, Matthias

Matthias, Dortmund, Germany
IT-Business-Expert since over 15 years.
Running Win 2k, HC 6.1, HotFix 3.3,

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    RE: phpBB, WP-Blog and mysql Problem 2008/02/27 01:12:33 (permalink)
    Please contact hc support by mailing your panel/server access. They will debugg this issue on your machine. Thanks

    HC Support Team
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