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2008/03/14 21:49:49 (permalink)

Error two

reinstalled had it overwrite the previous db info but when i try to add the first windows server it says theres already a server with that IP in the cluster. is there a way to delete that from the db so it starts fresh? I unstalled it twice now and each time i install i have it overwrite the db information. And im still getting that there is already a server in the cluster with that IP but i show no servers under My servers

even deleted the hc7 database but for some reason its saving the information some where =/

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    RE: Error two 2008/03/15 00:06:18 (permalink)
    Once I have changed my server Ip due to which I was getting issues that time HC support told me to change it in ServerSetting.xml file located in \hosting controller 7c\ini folder.

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    RE: Error two 2008/03/15 13:50:07 (permalink)
    Patrick has posted the right solution. Please let us know if you are still facing same issue.

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