LockedBuild 15 Add FTP did not work

2008/03/31 12:55:13 (permalink)

Build 15 Add FTP did not work

Hi, i was very happy to that HC has worked on the FTP configuration.
But it did not work correctly on my server.
I use Serv-U FTP.

I logged in as a HC user. I add a new user and select the domains. After press "add FTP User" HC logged out.

I log in again and to my surprising the user was added but NOT with the domains i set. I lock in Serv-U and HC set root access to all the users domain.

Next try was i want to change the FTP user Dir. I open the user, changed the directory and get an error.
So it will not work for me. I hope there is a solution arround or a fix!?

And i'am disappointed that HC use ADD USER to add a FTP user. So now we have USER to add a USER and FTP user to configurate the FTP USER settings? Whats that?!?!?!?!

I think you think a little bit to technical. Think what NOT technical people will search for. If you use USER than you have to add diffrent logic for that.
1 STEP: Choose HC user or FTP user
2. IF HC user then enter username, password and so on
3. If FTP user then enter username, password and the FTP Access. ....

I hope HC will seperate HC Users and FTP users again. So we get a good FTP Administration!

Sorry for my english. I hope you understand what i mean


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    HC Team
    Hosting Controller
    RE: Build 15 Add FTP did not work 2008/01/04 09:25:48 (permalink)
    We have tested HC build15 with ServU and everything seems to be working fine. Please make sure you have correct Servu installation path (\program files\rhinosoft.com\serv-u\ServUDaemon.ini)in hc panel. Thanks for your suggestions we will look into it.

    HC Support Team
    RE: Build 15 Add FTP did not work 2008/02/04 01:06:54 (permalink)
    i will give the HC support access to check the issue.
    Latest serv-u Version ist not its 6.4.x :-)

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