LockedIssues with MailEnable 2.5 Administration

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2008/04/22 22:28:56 (permalink)

Issues with MailEnable 2.5 Administration

Hosting Controller 6.1, Hotfix 3.3

MailEnable Enterprise 2.5 on remote server.

Please don't tell me to upgrade or for access to our server!

Since upgrading MailEnable to version 2.5 we are unable to create/manage domains or mailboxes. I haven't had a chance to look into the logs extensively however I did find a typo in MailEnablePro.asp that was causing the error message to show up on every other "Add Mailbox" link.

"Error : Unable to find XSL templates. Make sure install path in registry is correct and 'Languages\English' folder exists."

Correcting the typo (changing inlcude to include) got rid of the error message.

Am going to troubleshoot some more but wanted to point out the typo.


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    RE: Issues with MailEnable 2.5 Administration 2008/04/23 06:04:58 (permalink)
    Please mention the exact typo to be changed.

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