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2008/05/27 07:03:53 (permalink)

minimize downtime

Why don't you think about minimizing the down time during installing HC builds
I mean instead of doing it by
1- stop IIS
2- stop HC
3- copy files, images, schemes , pla pla pla
4- installing hc services
5- starting hc
6- starting iis

make it
1- copy images and so on
2- stop iis
3- stop hc
4- copy critical files
5- installing hc
6- starting hc
7- starting iis

that will reduce the down time by 800%

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    RE: minimize downtime 2008/05/27 08:01:25 (permalink)
    It can not reduce the down time. There are only few images and it takes few seconds to copy them. It is must to restart IIS to unlock DLLs and services to commit the changes.

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