LockedError : 70700040 : Website does not exist.

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2008/05/27 08:59:32 (permalink)

Error : 70700040 : Website does not exist.

I have asked this question of HC support, and i am still waiting for a responce but i was hoping someone else ran into this problem and could answer it as well. I have hc7 running with MS DNS server. Here is the weird problem i am facing. Say i have a website, domain1.com. Now if i add an additional domain to it, like www.domain2.com and domain2.com. Everything works fine. If i delete domain www.domain2.com, it deletes sucessfully, but when i try to delete domain2.com as a host header it gives me that error message. The weird and anoying part is it also leaves the DNS records in HC and MS DNS server. Has anyone else ran into this type of bug with HC7?

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    RE: Error : 70700040 : Website does not exist. 2008/05/29 05:41:16 (permalink)
    3 DAYS AND STILL NO REPLY. wow, Great support......
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    RE: Error : 70700040 : Website does not exist. 2008/05/29 13:45:06 (permalink)
    maybe I'm missing something on your question
    You login as say Web Admin in HC and create 2 domains (domain1.com and domain2.com)
    Then your remove domain2.com and you say then you try to remove the host headers right?

    That is not possible unless HC didn't remove the whole domain from IIS
    For every domain name HC sets up a new website in IIS so if you say remove domain2.com the website will be gone so there will be no host header to check.

    Now just some useful information that I ran across with HC
    I have had problems with HC not removing something completely and it's hit and miss.
    If I restart all HC service then it will remove everything fine.
    Word of the wise
    restart all HC services at least 1 time a week
    Keeps things running more stable for me with zero problems
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    RE: Error : 70700040 : Website does not exist. 2008/05/29 13:58:06 (permalink)
    Ok nevermind my last post
    But I would still restart my services
    I have a setup like you and I will test and see if I'm having that problem too
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    RE: Error : 70700040 : Website does not exist. 2008/05/30 05:02:44 (permalink)

    This is what support has told you in the reply of your ticket:

    One thing I want to point out, If you go to Start > Run > regedit > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Advanced Communications\HostingController\General---- On the right side you can see HCbuild version = 16..(correct).....but below it DBScriptVersion= 2.0. ( its Wrong )

    With Build 16 dbscriptversion should be = 2.2, But in your registry it is showing 2.0 this mean build16 is not properly modify in the server. This could create certain weird issues in the control panel. (Like current one which not replicating on my local machine)

    The reason why HC build didn't modify dbscriptversion?? is because, on same registry path you can see DbServerIP= which not even existed in the NIC card. The only IP added in the nic is = on which HC should be connected with Database Server (MSDE).

    HC Recommendation
    All the servers must be registered through the first IP of the first network card on their machines. You can set the priority of IP from the LAN Settings--->Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)--->TCP/IP Properties--->Advanced--->IP Settings.

    How to Change HC Db Server IP

    Go to HC installation folder path ' C:\Program Files\Advanced Communications\Hosting Controller 7C\Applications ' Open ' RegisterServer.exe ' file and provide new IP (the first IP which is added on the top in the NIC Card).

    Restart HC remoting services from Start > Run > Services.msc.


    Once you done above setting then re-modify Build16 on HC database Server machine.


    You have posted your problems in other threads. Please contact HC support with your server and panel access. We will check your issues in detail.

    HC Support Team
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