LockedIs there a list of error messages?

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2008/06/24 22:53:15 (permalink)

Is there a list of error messages?

Every other week or so I get an error message.
The problem is that the error messages are meaningless.

For example:

Error : 70701290 : Unhandled exception.

What is the source of this problem?
Also, when you try to reduce resources in a package, and some of the resources are already in use,. you get an error: Resource in use. Well,. why not tell me what are the resources that are in use?

This kind of things that are really annoying and I don't see HC trying to help on this.

I don't see a good reason why I need to open a trouble ticket for such issues for someone to decipher the mystey of an error code.
Either include the error message explanation inside the error msg itself, or hava Kb with that info.



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    RE: Is there a list of error messages? 2008/06/30 05:17:41 (permalink)
    We already show the list of resources. All you have to click on 'show Details' link to list these resources. Please also consult with this article.

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