LockedCGI and PHP Scripting with HC

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2008/01/10 12:59:36 (permalink)

CGI and PHP Scripting with HC

Hello All,

I am still in the process of evaluating Hosting Controller, but I'm having several configuration issues.
1. Can't get cgi and php scripts to run
2. Can't get HC to fully integrate with Simple DNS 5

Yes, I have searched and read the knowledgebase, but still no joy. Don't have a lot of time to spend tinkering.

I'd like to get HC running so Plesk (Parallels) can be abandoned for good, but for now it functions well and HC does not.

Is HC that difficult to configure? Any assistance would be appreciated.


Sonny Coleman

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    RE: CGI and PHP Scripting with HC 2008/04/10 02:36:08 (permalink)
    Please let us know the exact errors you are getting for php and simple dns plus working with HC. I would suggest you to please consult with following articles:

    For Simple DNS Plus related issue
    For php related issue.

    It would be better to discuss your issues directly with HC free online technical support through live chat available 24*6 at http://hostingcontroller.com

    HC Support Team
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