LockedHC7 and Linkpoint

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2009/04/20 15:14:35 (permalink)

HC7 and Linkpoint


Has anyone gotten the Linkpoint Payment Gateway to work with HC7? I've been stuck with this for some time now. I keep getting the error "Some Unhandled Exception Error has Occurred".

I have followed the step by step but stil no luck....I have registered the LpiCom_6_0.dll and uploaded my pem file, as well as put all the settings correctly. No Luck.

Please advice anyone?

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    RE: HC7 and Linkpoint 2009/04/20 15:23:52 (permalink)
    I am using authorize.net which is very easy to configure with hosting Controller, tried once a test account with linkpoint but very hard for me to use it. Their api setting is very difficult.
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    RE: HC7 and Linkpoint 2009/07/04 21:24:30 (permalink)
    has this ever been fixed? or is there any eta?  it's in the features list so I assume it should be working.  Also, I wish I can switch to authorizenet but I'm stuck with linkpoint :(
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