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2009/06/01 20:36:40 (permalink)

web based FTP


We are using MS DNS, some of customers wants to use Web based FTP access for file upload / download using IE / Firefox using simple copy / paste functions

We were able to achive this with our old server, but not with the new server

FTP works fine with FTP Software etc, but not with IE / FF, i guess something to do with PASV Settings

Old Server, ftp://xx.xx.xx.xx%3c/a%3E%3C/font%3E [using other control panel] Works OK
New Server, ftp://xx.xx.xx.xx/ [using HC8], gives TIMEOUT Error

I am not sure that whether ihe isuse is with c/panel or no

I've tried this steps

in IIS, under Security Accounts, we keep ALLOW ANONYMOUS connection enabled.
******* Follow the steps given below for properly setting up FTP on your server :

1) Open up IIS, and right-click the FTP Sites folder.

2) Choose properties and then click the Security Accounts tab.

3) Uncheck the Allow anonymous connections box and click Apply, then OK.

4) Back in IIS, expand the FTP Sites folder and right click the Default FTP Site

5) Choose properties and then click the Security Accounts tab.

6) Uncheck the Allow anonymous connections box and click Apply.

7) Click the Home Directory tab in there you will see the local path of the FTP site directory. This is usually C:inetpubftproot but no matter what location, make sure that this folder is completely empty. This is the folder that users are taken to when they first FTP into the server before being redirected to their own FTP site, so it is essential for security that the folder is empty. Once the above steps are complete, click OK to finish.

Thanks in advance


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    Re:web based FTP 2009/06/01 21:02:26 (permalink)
    Anonymous connection option on the default ftp site should be disabled otherwise IE will not prompt for password. In that case you can only access ftp site via ftp client.

    Check these setting in IE > Internet option

    First, find the setting called " Enable folder view for FTP sites  "(located near the top of the list of settings). Ensure this feature is enabled (checked).
    Next, find the setting called " Use Passive FTP "(located approximately halfway down in the list of settings).
    Make sure its disabled (unchecked)

    Somtime windows firewall makes trouble in making connection, test it by stop/disable ICS Windows Firewall
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    Re:web based FTP 2009/06/01 22:14:28 (permalink)
    Hey Patrick,
    Thanks for your reply,
    I had disabled Allow Anonymous connection option on the default ftp
    I have disabled use passive FTP in IE / Advanced Settings
    still it was not working, than i've enabled FTP in Windows firewall / Advanced / Lan Settings/ Services / Clicked on FTP server
    Now it seems working
    Do u think Passive FTP should be enabled or disbaled in regular course?
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