Lockedftp users unable to login

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2010/05/09 19:32:41 (permalink)

ftp users unable to login

Hello, just finished installing HC8.
this is server 2008 r2 standard, eerything seems to work but:
530 User cannot log in, home directory inaccessible.
Login failed.

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    Re:ftp users unable to login 2010/05/09 20:05:25 (permalink)
    Ok, I managed to pass this but now users cannot see anything after ftp login, empty folder.
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    Re:ftp users unable to login 2010/06/08 07:33:48 (permalink)
    Which ftp server you are using ?
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    Re:ftp users unable to login 2010/09/13 19:24:50 (permalink)
    Check out
    [link=http://portal.hostingcontroller.com/KB/a127/how-to-configure-ftp-7x-in-hc-panel.aspx]http://portal.hostingcont...tp-7x-in-hc-panel.aspx[/link]  (talks about LocalUser Virtual)
    [link=http://portal.hostingcontroller.com/KB/a110/how-to-fix-ftp-server-error-home-directory-inaccessible.aspx]http://portal.hostingcont...tory-inaccessible.aspx[/link] (Permission already set)
    But it looks like 8.00.0008 has it broken, 8.00.0006 worked fine, it would create the virtual folder 'ftpusername' under the Default FTP Site/LocalUser/ virtual location, but now it doesn't.  So you will have to manually create the virtualdirectory within the LocalUser virtual directory until they can fix this problem in their software.
    Re:ftp users unable to login 2010/09/19 14:24:25 (permalink)
    I have followed the same article {}and it is working fine at my end.
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