LockedCan't Delete Domains

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2010/09/10 08:16:08 (permalink)

Can't Delete Domains

Windows Server 2003 R2, SQL 2008, HC8 Build 7 Didn't see anything in the Build 8 changelog to prompt us to upgrade yet.

When we try to delete a domain the browser just sits there for several minutes before finally giving me an "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error. Any idea of some error logs I can look into to see why? I've tried deleting several domains and it won't work.

And sorry HC, but before you even ask, we can't give you unrestricted access to our server.

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    Re:Can't Delete Domains 2010/09/17 02:38:40 (permalink)
    If HC is unable to perform actions in proper time and session is expiring then this could be because of some Anti-virus or script blocking software which may be running on your server. Try to disable all such softwares and then see if HC scripts complete their tasks or not.
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