Lockedbuild 9 - no more stats

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2010/11/11 00:41:34 (permalink)

build 9 - no more stats

statistics for websites are gone after upgrading to build9

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    Re:build 9 - no more stats 2010/11/11 13:41:10 (permalink)
    I have applied build9 today and face only 1 trouble. Some new resources are listing in each plan by default 'mailbox size ' resource was set exclude. I have 12 plans took some time to edit but after that everything running smooth.
    FYI: Awstats are working on both windows and linux. Infact I can see that HC now allowing to create awstats as virtual directory.
    Mysql/MSSQL database are creating.
    All mail domains are listing.
    Did you people apply build9 beta version ?
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    Re:build 9 - no more stats 2010/11/11 15:39:24 (permalink)
    We found the following bugs after upgraded to HC8 build 9:
    1) Domain Creation emails are not generated anymore
    2) mdaemon Domain Admin User is not Created, Domain is, but missing Admin
    3) cannot create MySQL and MS SQL database
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    Re:build 9 - no more stats 2010/11/12 00:30:16 (permalink)
    of cause not - why would we run beta software in production - you might say that HC is a general state of beta, but...
    Im happy you dont have problems - but it does not help me. Its ok to that you are saying to people "you have a fair chance of upgrading without problems" - Im just telling people that there is a fair chance they will have a lot, and Im not the only one. Please also note that after the inital posts of some of the problems HC released a quick update that fixed some of the issues.
    as for the general stupidity of releasing a bugfixrelease that is including not just feature enhancements but logical and business logic changes it shows a even bigger lack of understanding of business and production environment and this is actually a even bigger problem than the continued line of buggy releases.
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    Re:build 9 - no more stats 2010/11/12 04:33:23 (permalink)
    We have checked this issue internally in different scenarios but unable to produce error which is reported here.
    Also we did receive few customer RDP access and found that for some unknown reasons 1 or 2 store procedures didn't apply correctly. We have applied these missing store procedure on their machines to resolve the problem. 
    Note: These reported issues are not a bug infact it is machine specific.
    Those customers who still having trouble with build9 please contact HC support and provide them HC database server credentials. Our db expert will troubleshoot the issue on server. 
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    Re:build 9 - no more stats 2010/11/12 04:59:33 (permalink)
    ever since we have started testing and using HC we hear "we cannot reproduce this" - dont care if you are trying to hide behind that or call it "machine specific".
    As for our setup - its ALL setup by HC. All servers, all OS, everything incl. HC is setup by HC admins - paid for to save startup time.
    As for the non-bugs, from build 9 and ALL OTHER BUILDS SINCE WE STARTED,  WE HAVE FOUND IN EVERY BUILD, incl. the bugs and security issues I see still not fixed, lets just agree that HC has created, found them on live systems, and fixed (most) of them afterwards. So you can call them what you want - I will continue to call them bugs.
    We have only moved a few hundred websites to HC so fare. All had working statistics until the upgrade to build 9 - non have working statistics now. You can check all you want on your own systems - dont care if you can see everything working there - they are not working on our system, setup by HC.
    we are trying very much to talk to hc support about this, but we keep getting "not our problem" or if we are a bit lucky "its forwared to developeres who will try to find the error" (of cause its not errors/bugs, I understand).
    At the moment I think we are mostly having issues with
    * stats not working
    * DNS zones are gone
    and strangly one issue was "fixed" by HC forcing PHP resources on my non-php-windows-plans. It seams patching like this is the HC way instead of asking "why does the system want PHP resources in a non php world" and fix THAT - but hey, thats just my strange logic...
    in general - stop saying Im not having problems because you cannot see them on your internal testsetup. Fix my problems. Its been 4 days now where my customers are complaying why they cannot see the stats and luckly not so used, why we cannot handle DNS anymore.
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    Re:build 9 - no more stats 2010/11/22 11:23:17 (permalink)
    your Dns issue has been resolved which you been informed on support email.
    Regarding awstats if we say that no one other has reported the issue it doesn't mean that we make such statement without any confirmation. We observe Live Chat conversation for few days, HC forum and Ticketing system.
    And yes this is right that Missing Awstats issue has not been reported by a single customer other than you. 
    This must be a machine specific please continue the discussion with Support department via ticket.
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    Re:build 9 - no more stats 2010/11/23 08:38:32 (permalink)
    who made a change in how awstat is setup in the httpd.conf file and related files? Did I or did HC as part of the upgrade from build 8 or 9?
    so when I upgrade and all old sites running linux stops having a working statistics on the websites - is this my problem or a bug in the upgrade? Im happy to hear that the upgrade with succes upgraded all other HC users websites and installs. I dont see who it changes that it did not do this on my install and as its related to build 9 upgrade its a upgrad error - no mather how many or few it happend for.
    You are not saying you dont think the upgrade tool should fix config files from from old to new structure or?
    anyway, I got a very fine solution from you brave and super support: I should just go through the 200 websites one for one in HC admin, delete the statistic and recreate them.
    very fine support you have... Im so lookning forward to moving a few 1000 domains to HC and next time You **** up get a new support reply saying "you can just manually run through all the domains and fix the problems we made for you".
    thanks a lot
    HC Team
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    Re:build 9 - no more stats 2010/11/27 02:35:59 (permalink)
    We have checked at code level where HC8 build9 don't effect the existing stats site both on windows or linux.
    You must have some machine specific issue, for which you shall contact HC support team.
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