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2011/06/06 21:25:50 (permalink)

DNS Issue

Hello, I have  a Linux Machine as primary DNS and Windows (2008 R2) as Secondary DNS.  When I host domain from HC it create DNZ Zone on Linux fine but  it only create dnz zone on Windows Server. there is not data on it.  It gave messages "Zone Not Loaded by DNS Server"
  • Any Idia?
  • Can we make Linux as primary DNS and Windows as secondary DNS?
I really appreciate any input
Thank you

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    Re:DNS Issue 2011/06/07 12:50:51 (permalink)
    Yes you can set primary dns on Linux and secondary on windows. We are already using it but we have 3 dns servers, 
    1st primary Dns = Linux
    2nd Dns = Linux
    3rd Dns = MS-dns
    When you use multiple dns roles with HC especially windows and linux combination then make sure that both servers in same network. If machine as in different network and not running directly with Public IP then zone transfer request from primary to secondary would fail.
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