2009/06/24 16:42:22

Awstats 6.9

        Its very important upgrade Awstats to 6.9 because if not we are loss data for Google Chrome stats, Windows Vista and the last browsers and O.S.
Thanks for upgrade Awstats.

R. N.
Zona Hosting - Hosting y Dominios
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Whereas awstats version on linux is 6.9
2009/06/24 21:01:47
Does HC any news or comments about it? Thanks.
2009/08/15 09:31:50
I agree,  please support new awstats version.
2009/08/21 09:05:44
HC Staff
We have already requested concern department to include awstats 6.9 in build4.

Although some important enhancement has been targeted for build4 but we will try to include awstats 6.9 in it too.
2009/08/23 09:45:37

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