2010/01/20 07:27:46

what setup IS working?


we have been running tests on HC 8 build 4 and now 5 for some month and keep running into limitations, bugs and al sorts of problems comming from being told "this works", "yes you can this in HC" and so on... and we just seam to hit the "no you cannot really do that afterall, sorry" all the time :) (except for the "sorry" word that never shows up)

SO to get some better pointers than from the support that seams to lead the wrong direction all the time, maybe we could ask all of You guys. What are you running? None of the things we want seams to really work, so maybe the solution is to understand what setups are actually possible and thereby defining/finding the real limits of this software - and see if its to limited or something we can learn to addopt :)

Servers, software versions, OS versions, what services are running on what servers and so on - if You dont feel like you are expossing your setup by telling.

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