2010/08/13 13:19:40
HC Team

Hosting Controller offers ‘Migration to HC’ Toolkits,Migrate from DNP, Helm & Plesk 9.0

Migration to HC toolkits are available from following competitor products:
  • Plesk 9.0 (parallels.com)
  • DNP (DotNetPanel.com)
  • Helm 3.2 (WebHostAutomation.com)

     The migration process is almost risk free and works as follows:
    1. A complete backup of IIS is taken in case the migration needs to be rolled back.
    2. All the user accounts are migrated from the other panel database to HC database.
    3. For all websites one by one, data is copied from previous folders to new HC folders. Previous data remains there in case a roll back is required.
    4. Once the website data is successfully moved, the settings in IIS are changed to new folders giving zero downtime for the website.
    5. Next website is processed in the same way.
    6. All databases remain where they are and continue to be accessed over ODBC.
    7. All Plans and Packages are migrated in the same way.
    8. Your existing billing application should work in the same way. Integration with WHMCS is already tested.
    If everything goes well on new server, the previous data may be deleted after some time.
    To download Migration Toolkits visit Download Section.
    Happy hosting on new control panel!

    HC Support Team
    Phone: +1 (647) 799-1000
    Fax: +1(604) 227-0273
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