2011/10/25 17:23:30

Always updated 1 clickers - Softaculous

Hi, everyone
HC was very helpful to show me how to update 1 clickers such as joomla and wordpress, but it requires manual work. So until the next HC build is released, users have to manually update the 1 clickers.

Id like to suggest a solution called SOFTACULOUS, used by other panels. Its really nice, as its ALWAYS updated with the latest version of all 1 clickers and gives an even wider range of options.
PS - by any chance, did anyone here try to update joomla via upload package? For me it fails and the trace logs are huge. I have to do it either via FTP/URL or an option in Joomla where it connects and updates itself automatically, which is fine and even easier.
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HC Staff
Its not a bad choice of integrating a third party provider for click apps which provide frequent updates but question raise about integration between HC and their module perfectly. It should be flexible to understand HC quote system.
Okay I will suggest this request to my concern department and they will initiate discussion with them. 
2011/10/26 05:34:54
Thanks, Tahir :) Yes, this system is really good...
2011/10/26 08:16:50
HC Staff
Just got feedback from concern department, instead of integrating any 3rd party application we are planning to change existing App integration in HC panel.
Currently we launch each apps in the HC installer , now we could list them on HC websites just like language pack and whenever any new update comes in click apps we will modify it on HC website. Simply user will able to download them and place in HC server (only in HC Web Server ). This way user will not have to wait for next build.
2011/10/26 08:42:47
Sounds, great. Will anxiously wait for that.
Thank you.
2011/10/27 07:10:11
Dear Tahir,
Any news on this one?
2012/07/25 16:49:48

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