2012/04/03 08:05:17

Formmail generator - any good solution?

Dear friends,
Were looking for some formmail alternative for our customers. Would be nice some generator which Ive seen some panels install, I think HC does not have that, perhaps a suggestion.
We have ASPEMAIL, etc. but its a bit too hard for some users. We have Matt's Formmail.pl and it's nice, only thing is, under IIS7 + Perl for some reason we had problems of variables getting mixed up by PERL and result was form results getting mixed up... So we installed it under Linux, only this is we have to free up each domain that wants to use it in the Referers part, which is time consuming.
I saw another one which is really interesting, PHPformgenerator: http://phpformgen.sourceforge.net/phpform
Its nice, one can build a form easily via web. The problem is, it generates such forms so user can download them and poses a security risk, as anyone can use the generator and create forms to send spam.
Any ideas how to make it secure without requiring too much work?
Any other alternatives you guys have been using?
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Softaculous, that system/service other panels integrate with, that I once suggested for HC, supports phpformgenerator.
Thats a really nice feature, users can build forms with a step by step wizard. Would be a nice addition to HC plugins, dont you think?
2012/04/29 10:18:36
Just to update this thread. I found no really good free solution. Phpformgenerator seems to have vulnerabilities and abanadonded project, it seems.
There are good paid alternatives, however, such as the one at web-site-scripts.com and http://www.appnitro.com (strange policy seems you cant resell it on your own server) and

We will stick to good and old Matt's Formmail :) Its not visual, but at least easy for user to set it up.
2012/08/03 08:15:57

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