2012/06/13 11:52:23

new Prototype red skin

Sorry but I didnt like the new skin too much. For end users its a bit complicated, specially because it comes with options of left side closed and not colapsed, so user has to click to open them several times, etc.
How can I remove such skin and keep just the Vouguetree ones? If possible, not sure if theres an option to do that available, so I dont have to manually edit files that are possibly overwritten after an upgrade.
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Ok, so what happens is clear to me now...
1) New users respect the default defined skin.
2) Old users who never chose a skin load in Prototype red.
Pls, any tips on how to change this? Either how to remove Prototype completely and make Voguetree blue default.
I know one way, but too much work, to populate the Userssettings table with all users and set to Voguetree.
IMHO HC should really respect the default. If my default is Voguetree, independant of being old or new users, it should respect it. The prototype red is a skin that causes confusion here, specially because it loads with everything (tree with options) closed and users get confused that they need to "open it up" (branches).

2012/09/28 16:03:17
Dear HC,
Please. As explained in previous post, I disagree that Pixelred be forced to users who never chose it, we as an ISP want to be able to define the real default skin...
We really dont like this prototype red skin, its confusing for users. One of the biggest issues is all the options come "closed" in the tree on left side.
Example: http://screencast.com/t/3xIa8dvXeO
Users get confused. So at least keep menu open by default?
Besides, one more issue, the options are not exactly same names, etc. as the XP Panel Blue skin. For example, in Pixelred to manage mail domains you have to go to Hosting Services / Manage Mail Domains / Mail Domains. Now XP Panel Blue is Hosting Services / Manage Mail domains. Its a bit different...
That means we have to make FAQs that are different for each skin :(
Pls consider... Just let us possibly even remove pixelred and just keep the other.
2012/12/05 10:48:52
Just a note. I could ask my colleague programmer to make a query...
But what I did was copy the VogueTree skin on top of the Prototype RED.
HC, I really think it wasnt correct to force the new Prototype Skin for users that never selected a skin explicitly (even it not being my default skin)...

One big issue also, Prototype Red has different ways of accessing options when compared to VogueTree... For example, to reach icewarp mail management, VougueTree you go to Hosting Services/Manage mail domains/Mailboxes. Prototype red you go to Manage Mail/Manage mail domains (or something like that, cant see it anymore as I capped it :)).... That breaks our FAQs or we have to make 2 versions of FAQs. Cant you unify?
Also, sometimes Prototype RED appears to user with all options CLOSED. They get confused that they have to click on + in each item to open it up.
2013/04/19 13:37:54

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