2012/07/29 09:17:18

Urgent - Smarterstats usability (taking long to solve)

Dear HC,
You can see a ticket of mine with subject "SmarterStats Configurations". Its hard for me to get the fix I need and make support understand me. I posted about usability since last year and Im insisting on a new issue but its taking forever to get a reply and definate solution...
As soon as you click on the link in HC to View Stats sites, what happens in the ID quickly appears filled out then disappears.
Video: http://screencast.com/t/22SkB2CUf
After a lot of instance, HC tech team informed this, but still has NOT solved the problem.
In earlier versions of Smarter Stats, the login required Site Id to login along with user credentials. Since a webadmin didnt know the siteID (auto generated), so HC would retrieve and append it to login URL to facilitate webadmin.
From SmarterStats 5.x onwards, its no longer needed to provide siteid, and webadmin does not need to remember and provide siteid on login screen, instead he can use sitename along with user credentials and it will work. HC can´t auto fill website name or stats ID in the login page due to change of login page mechanism by Smarter tools.
I hope this would help you and also explains the reason why siteid thing has been removed.
What is hard to understand is why tech support doesnt come to better conclusion on this case. That's it? :) Keep the usability bad?? :) Even in HC6 it was better... There were explanations in HC to webadmin about what data to use. Now there's nothing, users had to guess that the pwd for stats was, by default, same as HC webadmin user...
So now you guys confirm to me that there's a problem, the ID is filled, then disappears. Then why continue doing it this way? I just cant understand. Well, then the logical thing to do is REMOVE THE ID from the LINK!!! And add some text in stats page explaining to user how it works! or else... How will users know?
Please, guys, this is easy fix. Please fix Smarterstats usability...We spent money on smarterstats and customers think that the integration with HC is really not good at all.
So again... Its easy guys.
- Remove the ID from the link as it doesnt work anymore
- Add text in HC stats page
After you click on view stats, fill out username with same username used to access HC control panel. In the password field, type the same password as you use to log to control panel. In the Name or Site ID field, type in your domain without www (ex: domain.com).
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Dear Tahir,
Please reply this? I gave up trying to explain this in the ticket as explained above. Over 2 months trying to explain that usability is not good with SmarterStats and get something done to improve it. We spent $ on smarterstats and users think its too hard to access it via panel :(

I ended up adapting some text in that page so users are not confused, it doesnt look so nice (I put directly in language.xml) but at least I found a way out.

Can you pls check this and pass to devels if hasnt been passed yet? Its a simple request, I think.
Thank you.
2012/08/09 14:46:54

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