2015/10/14 08:01:25

Skype for business manual entries in HC after migration

Earlier this year Microsoft announced Skype for Business will take over Microsoft Lync and in April Skype for Business update for Lync was rolled out that introduced completely new UI and UX based on commercial version of the Skype. 
Could you please tell me that SFB is supported with your panel? If it is then what are the new features in it?
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HC Team
Skype for Business(SFB) is supported from past almost 4 to 5 months with Hosting Controller control panel. You can read the release notes of HC9.14 by visiting the following link in which SFB was first supported:
Many of our clients are already using Hosting Controller control panel in order to manage their Skype For Business server. If you need help with installation/configuration of Hosting Controller, you can always send an email to support@hostingcontroller.com to avail the free installation service.
2015/10/14 23:28:08
Dude James
Well that's good to hear.. Can you guide me the installation steps for Skype for Business.  

James Marshal
2015/10/15 14:52:21

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