2019/04/24 00:39:51

Hosting Controller Mobile App Login Issue

I can't login into my HC Mobile application by scanning the QR code. The application throws the error:"Operation failed: API not responding".
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HC Team
Such error is usually encountered if Mobile Data Network is unable to access your HC10 API URL which can be found at : Configurations >> Control Server Manager >>  Control Servers  in HC10 control panel. To rectify this problem, there are 2 solutions :
1) Make your mobile phone connected through WIFI to the same network on which HC10 Control Server is connected.(HC10 API URL will then be browsed from your mobile phone too)
2) Make your API URL to be accessible on a Public URL so it could be accessed even from external networks too like the one configured in your mobile phone.
Once any of the above solution is opted then you will not get issue while accessing HC10 over your mobile application too. I hope this shall help you.
2019/04/26 02:49:09

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