2019/05/01 17:13:22

HC 9.24 SimpleDNS Stopped Working after updating SimpleDNS to 8.0 Build 10

We just updated our SimpleDNS Plus server to version 8.0 build 10, We are using HC 9.24. Now when we try to add a new DNS Zone or add DNS ZOne for a Website we get Error 71500160 Error occurred while adding DNS Zone. I am assuming this is a incompatibility between HC 9.24 and the new SimpleDNS 8.0 Build 10 Server? Is anyone else running into this? Is there a way to fix it?
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HC Team
Simple DNS version 8 is supported with HC10 version.

Therefore, contact support team by sending an email to support@hostingcontroller.com.

Anyone having valid SSUP (Standard Support and Upgrade Protection) contract can upgrade to HC10.
2019/05/01 23:11:48

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