2019/05/21 00:17:10

HC AD Sync taking too much time in syncing the password from local to the hosted Cloud AD

When I change a user password in the local AD, it takes atleast 10 minutes to sync the password from local AD to the Cloud AD. any reason for so much delay? or Is it normal?
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HC Team
This usually happens when a customer tries to change the password from additional Domain Controller where HC Directory Sync tool secondary setup is installed.  
It seems your Client is using multiple DC’s and the delay in the password syncing process is due to the latency(Communication Delay) between the Additional DC’s and the Primary DC of your customer.
In normal scenario the password Syncing mechanism takes less than a minute to sync passwords between the Primary DC(Local AD) and the Hosted AD(Cloud AD).
2019/05/21 05:35:56

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