2019/06/13 05:57:39

Delete user action fails

When a reseller or host account deletes a user the scheduled task fails and the user isn't deleted. After initiating the advanced delete and waiting for the scheduler to run, we encounter the the task is showing a 'Failed' status.
We can't figure out why the user isn't deleted. Please help us.
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Try to change the server. Also check your internet connection as well. If you're unable to delete it then tell your web hosting provider to delete it, it will be deleted easily. Likewise also look for other web hosting provider if necessary and check out here to get started.
2019/06/13 10:29:49
HC Team
There is no such issue found or reported with HC10 builds. Kindly ensure that your server is connecting properly at : Configurations >> Manage Servers >> Edit Server. For further help you may discuss the case with support dept. by sending an email to support@hostingcontroller.com
2019/06/14 05:10:33

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