2019/07/01 20:30:39

I installed Joomla on my website through HC10 Click and Install apps but It gives error

When I installed Joomla through HC10 it installed successfully but when I try to browse it, it gives me one word error: "Error".
I am using Ubuntu 16.04.
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Follow the steps mentioned below to solve your Joomla Issue as this is a well known JOOMLA specific issue:
To fix the one word error: "ERROR" turn the error reporting to maximum by the following steps:
1: In your configuration.php file type : public $error_reporting = 'maximum'; 
Now you will get the detailed error.
To solve the known JOOMLA specific issue try the following steps:
1: try installing "sudo apt-get install php7.0-xml" and then you have to run the command : --enable-libxml
2: Now restart the apache server by  "sudo service apache2 restart"
This should solve your Joomla Issue.
2019/07/01 20:39:55
The detailed error was: 

"Call to undefined function Joomla\CMS\Language\simplexml_load_file()"
and following the second part of your answer fixed this issue and now I can browse the Joomla Page. THnx mate.
2019/07/01 21:25:36

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