2019/08/09 06:38:02
Julius Caesar

How can I disable a specific option/feature in HC panel?

Is there a way to prevent customers & resellers from having the option to "choose my own offering?" when creating or modifying an Exchange mailbox?
Looking forward.
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HC Team
Yes, this is possible. For it, you can create new Service Plan with only quota of 1 Mail Domain and exclude all other resources except Composite Resources for mailboxes e.g 1 CR of 10MB, 2CR of 50MB and 3CR of 1024MB. Now sell this plan to your customer and as the customer will now try to provision any mailbox, he will only be shown Composite Resources of 10MB,50MB and 1024 MB respectively.
This has been very well explained in the link given below.
If you face any issue after following these instructions then please let us know and we will guide you further.
2019/08/09 06:59:51

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