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Question about HC10 Hosting plans

I have the following servers in my panel and I was wondering if it is possible for me to assign a specific server to specific users in my panel so they can only provision resources from the assigned servers only:
web-server A (Winodws)
web-server B (Linux)
mail-server C (SmarterMail)
mail-sever D (MailEnable)
how can I create hosting plans for end users to only use web-sever A and mail-server C ?
how can I create hosting plans for re-sellers to specifically use only web-server B and mail-server D ?
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To manage your specific scenario you can do the following:
1: Create two Re-sellers, A & B.
2: Sell the desired plans to the both Re-sellers
3: Now you can dedicate Web Server A & Mail Server C to Re-seller A, and dedicate Web Server B & Mail Server D to Re-seller B. This way both the Re-sellers will only be able to use the specific servers dedicated to them.
Any Users (clients ) under these re-sellers will only be able to provision resources from the assigned servers only.
Similarly, you can also dedicate the Web and Mail Servers to End Users ( Client level users in your HC panel ).
To dedicate a server to a specific user you can navigate to the following path in your HC10 Panel: Configurations>>Server Manager>>Servers>>Dedicate Server(from the drop-down option in front of the desired server).
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