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Active Directory Synchronization Tool Update [July 15 2021]

Active Directory Synchronization Tool Update [July 15 2021]
Toronto, Canada – July 15, 2021– We would like to inform our customers that Hosting Controller Product "Active Directory Synchronization Application" latest version is now available. Details of improvements and enhancements are given below.
  • Performance improvement in code
  • Option to map objects from 1 Active Directory to multiple Cloud Active Directories
  • Option to have multiple syncattributes file for each distinct Cloud AD instance
  • Name attribute is now handled in AD Connect Sync tool
All existing customers with valid "Standard Support & Upgrade Protection" may download the latest build from: https://hostingcontroller.com/Hosting-Software-Downloads/HC-Service-Packs.html 
What is HC Directory Synchronization Tool:
HC Directory Synchronization (HCdirSync) is a tool used to synchronize your local Active Directory with your hosted cloud Active Directory. The purpose of this tool is to synchronize an external Active Directory with your hosted cloud based Active Directory. Large organizations that already have an Active Directory infrastructure and want to link their local Active Directory with their hosted Exchange Active Directory can use this tool. This tool manages User Accounts and Security Groups and performs following operations.
Help Manual : http://help.hostingcontroller.com/enterprise/default.aspx#pageid=active_directory_synchronization

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