2021/10/06 07:50:54

Can I create a custom template for apache VirtualHosts

Good day.
I want logs to go to a location outside of the Provisioned site's "home directory".
The logs will be consolidated to a central logging service.  How I configure it will be heavily dependent on the options that HC10 provides, eg can the per-VirtualHost log setting be removed from the template, or replaced with an entry that sends all logs to a single file, or to separate files in a single directory, etc.
Perhaps HC10 has a plugin or option to achieve logging via rsyslog or similar?
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It is not possible to set a custom logging path through HC10 for Apache VirtualHosts. HC10 also doesn't have a plugin or integration of any third party tool to support this feature.
2021/10/08 01:12:47

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