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2004/12/07 20:04:25 (permalink)

Bandwidth not being calculated

It would appear that the bandwidth usage is not being calculated on my server. It has not been calculated since Nov 6, 2004 (this is the last entry in the BandWidth table in the SQL database). All of my hosted domains show 0MB usage for the current month.

Server Admin reports states: "Control Panel can monitor the bandwidth usage and send alers to both customer and host. The bandwidth usage monitoring is dependent on ¬DiskQuota Service¬". I have verified this service to be running.

I have the usage alers set to not send daily usage, 80% consumed, Once mail, and 4 hrs.

Any suggestions?

HC Support, if you are going to just say "open a ticket", please include instructions on how to do so.

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    RE: Bandwidth not being calculated 2004/09/12 02:01:53 (permalink)
    Did we chat on ICQ? I think we corrected your problem. It was just that Hosting Controller Delivery Service was off.
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    RE: Bandwidth not being calculated 2004/12/13 20:04:25 (permalink)
    No, we haven¬t chatted on ICQ. The Hosting Controller Delivery Service has been functional the whole time. It seems to have magically start working...which leads me to believe that it is once again a Firefox issue since I have been working only in IE since I posted the topic.
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    RE: Bandwidth not being calculated 2006/10/23 08:31:02 (permalink)
    The same strange thing happened to us.
    Suddenly stops, suddenly starts. All HC services are started and functional.

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    RE: Bandwidth not being calculated 2006/10/23 15:41:12 (permalink)
    Please make sure about followings:

    1- HC Disk quota service responsible for bandwidth checking is running all the time.

    2- HC does calculate bandwidth according to the time given at this path My Server--->Bandwidth Usage ( Perform Bandwidth calculation after every ) of hcadmin level.

    3- There is no error in Disk Quota service logs located at this path \Program Files\Advanced Communications\Hosting Controller\Logs of your HC installation.

    4- Latest hotfix 3.3 is installed on your machine.

    If your issue is still there then please contact support dept. they will check it for you.

    HC Support Team
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