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2005/07/12 09:25:45 (permalink)

Memory leaking

I noticed that memory on my server leaks. After thorough research, I have found that reason for the Page File Usage increasing, is the HC Disk Quota Service.

Now, in order to prevent that my server stops working (because Page File Usage grows near the limit), I have to restart this service manually every 15-20 days. After reset of HC Disk Quota service, Page File Usage falls down to minimum. By the time, as the number of sites on my server grows, I have to restart HC Disk Quota service more often. Anyone having the same issue? (I am using Windows Server 2003 Web Edition).

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    RE: Memory leaking 2006/11/01 04:38:01 (permalink)
    6 months passed with no answer. This problem with memory leaking is getting more seriuos by the time.

    Now, I have to restart HC DiskQuota service every day, because in just one pass it consumes about 40MB RAM, and does not release it when that pass is done. Since DiskQuota runs once every hour, it means that this service captures about 1GB RAM every day, which seriously affect performance of my server. (I have 2GB RAM on my server which is maximum for Win2003 Web Edition, and currently there are about 450 web sites on that server).

    Can you suggest any solution for this problem?

    Does anybody else has similar issues?
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    RE: Memory leaking 2006/11/01 11:49:49 (permalink)
    Well disk quota and bandwidth calculation is a very much CPU and Memory intensive task depending upon your hardware, number of sites, size of webspace and traffic on your server. FYI HC disk quota calculates disk usage once in 24 hrs and bandwidth after every hr. You can change bandwidth scan time by updating "BandwidthTime (Seconds)" registry key at this path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Advanced Communications\Nt Web Hosting Controller\General. Please open a ticket on support@hostingcontroller.com and refer this thread they will send you new updated HC Disk Quota Service which may help you.
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    RE: Memory leaking 2006/12/01 06:32:23 (permalink)
    I undrestand that Disk Quota and Bandwidth calculation are intensive tasks, but the point is, why this service does not release memory after finishes calculation?

    I think something is wrong with service itself, and it looks like the code is not written well, because every hour this service capture more and more memory, which means that something is kept in the memory all the time, instead of being released when the calculation is done - classic example of memory leaking.

    And this became more obvious by the time, when the number of hosted sites is increased.

    I am not sure, is that problem related to Windows 2003, or something else(maybe multithreading?), and I am wondering if other users had this problem, or my case is specific?

    If anybody else had this problem, please let us know.
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    RE: Memory leaking 2006/12/01 08:54:51 (permalink)
    You are not alone.

    Right now the HC backup service uses more memory then the HC Disk Quota for us. We only have about 50 sites but the two services will each use and continue to grow above 35MB. Then we will hit the time where we do are normal reboots(1 month).

    If we only have 50 sites I can see this increasing when have as many as YoWmc.

    To confirm yes the memory will never decrease on these service just increase.

    We are on W2k so this does not look like a W2003 issues.
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    RE: Memory leaking 2006/12/01 10:49:42 (permalink)
    We also have had problems with disk quota service ever since we installed HC. Sometimes service stops, doesnt generate reports (you have to activate in registry), etc.

    We hope we can have this restructured in new panel.
    RE: Memory leaking 2006/01/13 05:40:35 (permalink)
    Also to us disk quota service leaks file descriptors and memory at each bandwidth scan.
    We need to restart it every 20 days to not have resource usage problems.
    HC Team
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    RE: Memory leaking 2006/01/15 09:38:51 (permalink)
    We are checking it and will update you soon. Thank you very much for the patience.
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    RE: Memory leaking 2006/01/16 03:18:25 (permalink)
    Thanks. I hope you will solve it as soon as possible, because this becomes annoying and hazardous for proper server functioning. And as you can see, I am not the only one with this problem.

    Btw, I have opened support ticket (Ticket:88479), as you told me. I have been sent new HCDiskQuota.exe, and I have replaced the old one (according to sent instructions), but that did not solve the problems.
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    RE: Memory leaking 2006/09/20 03:24:15 (permalink)
    ... and another year passes. It has been 14 months since I have reported this problem. HC promised to solve it in one of next hotfixes, 8 months ago, but nothing happened.
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    RE: Memory leaking 2006/09/20 04:47:10 (permalink)
    Dhosting.co.uk wrote:
    Regarding the memory leak after about 5 days of diskquota operation on our box we see memory gradually increase to around 60Mb if not slightly more. Now this can be solved by restarting the disk quota service.

    So as a temp fix hc after the disk quotas are done at 2am and a restart to the service, it will solve it for now but really isnt a fix you could use for ever. If you want to be more complex you could look at how long the service has been running and then say after 2 days do a restart, your choice but i think the first idea will do for now.

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    RE: Memory leaking 2006/09/20 04:48:53 (permalink)
    What sort of mem does your disk quota process jump to?
    Also how many days does it take to get to that value?
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    RE: Memory leaking 2006/09/20 05:15:02 (permalink)
    In this thread you can see details about memory leaking and history of my problem. Currently, I have 750 sites on my server and I had to reduce DiskQuota service to work on every 2 hours (by changig registry parameter HC Support mentioned above). Even beside that, I have to restat service every day, even I have quite powerful hardware.

    Last time I have tried to get help from HC about this problem (January 2006), I have opened ticket and send all the details HC asked, but they did not solve the problem.

    Before registry modification, cosumed memory by HC was about 1GB for one day. Also, HC has sent me new HCDiskQuota.exe, but after implementing it, the problem stays, but a little bit camouflaged.

    What do I mean by that - well, when I take a look at Windows Task Manager it says that HCDiskQuota.exe consumes, for example, 300MB of memory. But, after restart of HCDiskQuota service, when I take a look at Page File Usage History (Performance tab of Task Manager) - it can be seen that it has been decreased, for example, for 1GB after this restart.

    Similar behaviour has HCDeliveryService, but since it consumes much less resources, memory leaks slower than with HCDiskQuota.

    And sorry, I did not understand your first question. Could you explain what did you mean?

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    RE: Memory leaking 2006/09/20 05:33:17 (permalink)
    Thats crazy, defo looks machine specific.

    Right might be able to help you out.

    Whats your servers spec, cpu, memory, intel, amd, more info the better.

    Do you have any unusual software installed, i.e. mail, dns iis is standard but monitoring software stuff like that.
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    RE: Memory leaking 2006/09/20 07:35:34 (permalink)
    Well, as you can see above in this thread, I am not the only one with this problem.

    Here is my server hw spec:
    MB: Intel SE7501CW2
    Proc: 2 x Intel Xeon 2.40GHz
    Memo: 4 x Infineon 512MB, DDR, 266, CL2, ECC, REG
    HDD: 2 x Seagate Cheetah SCSI Ultra 320
    RAID: LSI Logic MegaRAID SCSI 320-1

    I have Windows 2003 Web Edition, and nothing unusual installed... DNS and Mail are on separate servers. And I have never had any problems with any other software except HC.
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