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2005/12/27 02:31:02 (permalink)


I remember that i have read a post about unzipping ziped files through HC.we have 2.6 hotfix but still i can¬t find this feature.
thanks for your help.


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    RE: unzip.... 2005/12/27 12:09:40 (permalink)
    Both Zip/Unzip options were already provided under folder manager. Please recheck it. Infront of zipped files you can see unzip icon.
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    RE: unzip.... 2005/12/29 12:31:46 (permalink)
    already been reported here
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    RE: unzip.... 2005/12/30 03:24:52 (permalink)
    Thanks! I think its not quite the same exact thing but I think when they fix your problem this will be fixed. Im reporting it more as a bug. It extracts to a path with same name as file name. AFAIK its a bug.
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    RE: unzip.... 2006/09/01 15:04:19 (permalink)
    Well I just want to correct. Its not a bug rather you are asking for some extra feature and I have already included it in to - do list.
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    RE: unzip.... 2006/10/01 02:31:02 (permalink)
    Well, for me its a bug :)

    In mine, I did a test and zipped a file called test.htm inside \www

    Then I clicked on unzip. It creates the test.htm file inside a directory called test (but I didnt even pack with any path... I packed just a file).

    So it packing with a path is not a bug? If its not a bug its not very well constructed feature, at least...
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