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2006/01/04 14:57:39 (permalink)



The size of my HCDiskQuotaService.csv file is approximately 1.2GB and it seems that causes lot of other problems (memory leaking, HC slow response, iis warning events...).

Is it safe to delete this file?

Why HC does not have some rotation policy for this file?

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    RE: HCDiskQuotaService.csv 2006/04/01 08:48:21 (permalink)
    Yes you can delete / rename / move this file. We have already provided log rotation service for domain logs.
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    RE: HCDiskQuotaService.csv 2006/09/01 03:15:27 (permalink)
    Thanks for the info about deleting file.

    But second part of your answer, about log rotation service for domain logs is not related in any way with the question I asked.

    HCDiskQuotaService.csv log is completely different issue and it can seriously affect server performance and functionalities, like in my case. And there is no info on that in your documentation or kb. I think you should implement deletion of this file occasionally in scheduler, or at least inform your customer to be aware of this issue.
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    RE: HCDiskQuotaService.csv 2006/09/01 14:57:39 (permalink)
    Thankx for your suggestion.
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