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2006/01/11 12:51:27 (permalink)

Webalizer Problem

I have recently upgraded in October 2005 from IIS 5.0 to IIS 6.0 (win2003.)
since the upgrade the statstics will not work they have not updated since October and will not update from the edit option in the HC control panel (if the update stats is tried from the HC control panel instaed of the update successful message appearing you recieve a message to say that the statistics have been successfully installed, when they are already installed anyway, even if we uninstall clear out the logfiles and then try to reinstall webalizer for the site in question they will either give a message saying no stats have yet been generated,(even though the sites have been running for months) or just display stats for the months leading up to and including October 2005.
we have tried everything that we can think of and our techs are now out of ideas.
Hc has been updated to the latest fix available from your website and still we have problems
can you please suggest a fix for this error

Thank You

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    RE: Webalizer Problem 2006/11/01 11:59:54 (permalink)
    Sometimes webalizer has issues if logfiles are older than 9-months. Please delete log files for some previous months then recheck it. If issue is still there contact with support@hostingcontroller.com they will debug this issue on your machine. Thanx
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    RE: Webalizer Problem 2006/01/16 22:33:56 (permalink)
    More Information:

    Deletion of log files didn¬t work. This is what is happening:

    IIS logs have reverted to the default location of C:\Windows\System32\log files since the update to IIS 6.0.

    I am using Hosting Controller Version 6.1, Hotfix 2.7.

    Do I have to reinstall Hosting controller so it can detect the changes in IIS 6.0 in order start updating the stats again?

    I changed the path of the various log files back to the location of each of the virtual web sites log locations, i.e: C:\webspace\\log on my Windows Server 2003, but IIS creates a new W3SVC log folder number and Webalizer will not recognize it and reads from the old W3SVC log folder that existed before the IIS update.

    IIS won¬t let me change the name of the automatically generated W3SVC log folder name to the older number that Webalizer recognizes. Directing IIS to the path of the old log file does not work and a new W3SVC log is just created inside the old one if I do this.

    I can only update the stats manually by coping the log files from the new W3SVC log folder into the old W3SVC folder so that Webalizer will read them.

    Please help. I have around 150 -200 web sites and it takes a very long time to update them manually.

    If you can suggest a quick workaround I would appreciate it otherwise I can arrange for you to log in and debug the problem.

    Thanks again, Adey.
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    RE: Webalizer Problem 2006/01/18 12:51:27 (permalink)
    Please delete stats site from Statistics Manager of HC panel and recreate it and check if you have same Log File Path set both in IIS as well as in HC Statistics Manager.
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