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2006/03/04 10:21:33 (permalink)

SQL Server

Dear HC,

I know that for MySQL, HC considers the space used by MySQL as the same space used for hosting plan (disk space).

How does it work with SQL Server? Does HC count how much space is used...?


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    RE: SQL Server 2006/06/03 11:37:56 (permalink)
    Yes HC does calculate disk usage for SQL Server dbs. You can check it at this path: Reports :: Disk Usage :: Usage Report.
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    RE: SQL Server 2006/06/03 13:46:37 (permalink)
    Dear Sir,

    It considers as part of disk space, right? When I double click on a webadmin that has SQL, it shows the details of disk space, graph, etc. but doesnt mention sql server...?

    Also, I just activated SQL on my HC. What about the previous databases that are not in HC? Whats best stratetgy to migrate them into HC?

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    RE: SQL Server 2006/06/03 14:14:38 (permalink)
    HC looks at the amount of space that is consumed in the x:\webspace\reseller\enduser\*.* dir for the user. It will not show you the SQL db¬s individually.

    The only way I can think of to import the db’s is to;

    Backup the current db, delete the db from the sql server, create the db in HC, restore the db over the new db that is in x:\webspace\reseller\enduser\domain.com\db\

    Again I am not sure on this procedure because we never had to do this before. If you have special permissions on the db this my not work.

    I would aquick search in the forums or try the live chat with HC.
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    RE: SQL Server 2006/07/03 06:10:43 (permalink)
    Thanks a lot.
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    RE: SQL Server 2006/07/03 06:11:58 (permalink)
    Just 1 tip, I think it would be really important to detail MYSQL and SQL Server used space, or else its really confusing for user...
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    RE: SQL Server 2006/11/03 18:32:13 (permalink)
    Dear Hc,

    Please give me some final help on this. I have about 10 SQL databases and only now I was able to activate SQL so I can manage SQL databases via HC.

    As you explained, HC counts SQL used space. But it does not detail that in the report.

    So Im thinking the only way I could use this type of implementation would be to have Plans that are "With SQL Server" and add more disk space for these plans.

    I imagine its not possible to let HC manage SQL, let users add it, etc. and make it NOT count upon disk space.

    Also, future plans is to keep this exactly as it is? HC count SQL space and not detail that to user?

    Mysql works in same way, right?

    HC Team
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    RE: SQL Server 2006/03/13 13:49:03 (permalink)
    HC does calculate disk usage for both SQL and mySQL Servers. Whenever you create SQL Server db from hc panel then it will create .ldf and .mdf data files under db folder of domain.com while in case of mySQL it only creates files in ¬Data¬ folder of its installation path and does not allow to create data files under any other folder. We accumulate disk usages for both of them and collectively display under disk usage report as db ( Databases ) detail. In current interface its bit difficult to display SQL and mySQl dbs usage separately.

    Please make sure you have data files at their desired locations. If your issue is still there then I would suggest to consult with live support person. Thanx
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    RE: SQL Server 2006/03/14 10:10:02 (permalink)
    Thanks. I will open support ticket as its not working this way here. I created an SQL DB via HC but theres nothing in domain¬s DB folder.

    So, right now I offer SQL outside of HC, for example X dollars for 50 megabytes.

    The only way for me to be able to use it in HC would be for it to count in disk space and not be detailed to user. So maybe create plans just for those who have SQL, but that would mean also switching their plan if they give up on SQL.

    Are there plans to make this more versatile? Let us make HC create SQL databases, for example, but not count them...?
    HC Team
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    RE: SQL Server 2006/03/14 10:21:33 (permalink)
    You have already opened a ticket # 92907 on support regarding same issue and they will get back to you after checking it on your machine.
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