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2006/07/07 12:53:12 (permalink)

Set charset in mail


I’m sending my mail as Cyrillic characters
How can I change the character encoding for the mails that my costumers are getting (I want to be able to send the mail with default character set to windows-1251) at the moment they are getting their mail set to KOI8-R …. And it all look messed up, they have to change it manually so they can reed it! But the bigger part of them has no idea how to do that! So it is really important to get it right!

And another thing.

I want to add link to awstat inside mail creation template


http:// /stats/awstats.pl?config=&update=1

I suspect the above URL will not work since will add http://domain.com is there variable only for domain.com instead of http://domain.com

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    RE: Set charset in mail 2006/07/07 10:12:25 (permalink)
    HC automatically sends mails in standard format from the panel and does not provide any interface from where you can send mail to your customers. If you are sending mails through your mail server web interface then you should contact with your concerned support.

    About second question, currently the only solution can be to customize the template that you can maintain himself. The template is inc_iisfunctions.asp located at this path \Program Files\Advanced Communications\Hosting Controller\web\admin\Common of your server where you would find the replace statements.

    You can make a new TAG in the mail template instead of DOMAIN_NAME
    and replace it in the above mentioned file inc_iisfunctions.asp with just the domain name.

    SourceFile = Replace (SourceFile,DOMAIIN_NAME," http://" & NewSiteName)
    this is a line from the existing file..
    You can add another line after it where ever you find it in this file.
    SourceFile = Replace (SourceFile,DOMAIN_NAME_EX, NewSiteName)
    where DOMAIN_NAME_EX is your tag
    and NewSiteName without http:// will be replaced
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    RE: Set charset in mail 2006/10/07 12:35:41 (permalink)
    Ok this is what a meant ... I customize the templates so they can reflect the language my customers use (Bulgarian) The problem is that when HC send the customized mails (acount creation, billing, etc.) The mail is set as KOI8-R which does not display correctly ... To be displaed corectli it must be set to windows-1251.
    I have tried manualy edit the template (outside HC template editor) and force charset=windows-1251, but HC omit any canges that I have made. The mail message it self does have charset=KOI8-R so HC at some point inserts that in to the massage ... The question is where and how can I change it???

    And about my second question if I edit inc_iisfunctions.asp accordingly ... will it work if at some point later I apply Hotfix ...
    HC Team
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    RE: Set charset in mail 2006/11/07 04:12:28 (permalink)
    I am afraid it could not be changed. There is no interface which can be used to change anything in Mail Sending component. HC will send emails in default settings and there is no way to change those settings.

    Please take the backup of inc_iisfunctions.asp file after modification and after every hotfix you have to replace it at its respective path.
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    RE: Set charset in mail 2006/11/07 04:39:06 (permalink)
    How are we supposed to send the mail in my customer’s native language?????
    You may want to forward this to your developers … so they can implement solutions in the forthcoming hotfixes …
    It very important for HC users to be able to keep in touch with their customers!!!
    HC Team
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    RE: Set charset in mail 2006/12/07 12:53:12 (permalink)
    Ok, We would see if that could be handled in coming version.
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