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2006/09/15 06:36:27 (permalink)

updating quota stats

I have a customer that was using more than his allotment of disk space. We¬ve rectified the situation, but he¬s still not being allowed to upload new files. Is there a way for me to inform HC that we¬ve made the updates, or is it necessary for him to wait until stats are processed?

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    RE: updating quota stats 2006/09/18 06:36:27 (permalink)
    Hosting Controller DiskQuota Service is a disk usage and bandwidth management service. For disk usage calculation, this service runs once at 2:00 a.m to calculate the disk usage of each website, generates disk usage reports and e-mails them to customers.

    To configure this service, click My Server-->Disk Usage Settings. The startup mode of this service is ¬Automatic¬ and initially it is running.

    If you have enabled Disk Quota in HC Settings under General tab then on each plan selling HC sets user quota limit in OS. Please check User FTP Quota limit in the Quota propertiese of your webspace. Its better to update quota from HC panel at this path Tools--->Disk Quota. Moreover if you are using AwStats Server then make sure HC Delivery Service is running as automatic. If your issue is still there or you still have any confusion please come to live chat for discussion with any of available tech. support representative. Thanx
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