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2006/09/23 11:22:03 (permalink)

DotnetNuke success?

Has anyone been able to get DNN running on HC administered sites? Any tips? Can¬t seem to get DNN running any any of the webadmin¬s sites :(

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    RE: DotnetNuke success? 2006/09/23 16:38:03 (permalink)
    We have some instructions but theres one issue, see if these work for you

    Before you follow instructions download http://www.helicontech.com/download/#isapi_rewrite get the free version

    Instructions are for the end user to follow

    DNN Setup
    (hc¬s forum is messing with my instructions go to the link below!)
    Instructions http://www.dhosting.co.uk/dnnsetup.txt

    Now the axd fix is basically you go into iis, open propertes for the domain, click home directory tab, click config, look for .axd double click and untick verify file exists.

    Let me know if you get any issues theres one which is causing a problem which is related to the IIS metabase, but it may work first time.

    I plan to create a script to do most of the tasks so users dont need to contact the support department :)
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    RE: DotnetNuke success? 2006/09/23 20:12:54 (permalink)
    Thanks for the tips! We¬re going to try it tonight. :)
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    RE: DotnetNuke success? 2006/09/23 23:22:05 (permalink)
    One more quick question, did you configure the ISAPI for DNN or just needs to be installed? Thanks again for any advice. So far, unable to run :(
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    RE: DotnetNuke success? 2006/09/24 03:39:39 (permalink)
    Right what do you mean, as in it will not install, can you give me a url so i can see the error
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    RE: DotnetNuke success? 2006/09/24 11:00:58 (permalink)
    First, thanks again for your time.

    I¬m troubleshooting on my own site first before mucking around. This is an HC controlled site.

    Followed the steps you provided, including re-verifying all security settings for the folders in the file system.

    The ISAPI rewrite installed without a hitch, my question to you was: did you configure the filter beyond just installing it? If so, I¬ll dig into the documentation and adjust accordingly.

    After all the steps have been applied, when first accessing a site with DNN, the DNN installer proceeds successfully. any subsequent visit to the new DNN site gets an "An unhandled error has occurred" message.

    I checked the eventlog in SQL under the DNN database and this error is getting logged, so SQL connection is ok.

    Again, thanks for your help Chris. HC support, I¬ve read somewhere throughout the forums that DNN may be one of the supported "free" portals the new HC 7 may support as a feature to customers, any insight on this? We¬ve installed many DNN sites for customers on non-HC controlled sites and it¬s pretty straight forward. Not sure what¬s going on with HC and the sites here.
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    RE: DotnetNuke success? 2006/09/24 11:22:03 (permalink)
    Firstly do you use msn if so add chris@daleyweb.com i can help you out faster that way.

    Right try this open iis manager go to the site, propeties, asp.net change it to 1.1, click apply then ok let it do what it does, then go to the peropties box again and change it to asp.net 2 apply and ok again.

    No changes to ISAPI_Rewrite were needed, straight install thats it.

    Anyways if you can jump on msn so we can get down to the problem quicker.

    More people i can get testing this setup the better, but i believe its down to a fault with hc when changing asp.net versions
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    RE: DotnetNuke success? 2007/01/30 11:16:58 (permalink)
    Was this ever resolved? I am running into the same problem. Funny thing is the customer had me blow away the previous install, which did work.
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