LockedphpBB and WorldPress?

2006/10/04 13:50:10 (permalink)

phpBB and WorldPress?

After upgraded to Hotfix 3.3, I can now see the greyed out icons for phpBB and WorldPress, but how do I turn them on?

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    HC Team
    Hosting Controller
    RE: phpBB and WorldPress? 2006/04/10 11:53:49 (permalink)
    Please make sure you have enabled them in HC Settings under IIS tab and your customer has quota for both Php and Mysql as well in their purchased plan.
    RE: phpBB and WorldPress? 2006/04/10 12:54:19 (permalink)
    Ok, I have them both enabled in the settings, fresh MySQL 5.0 installation, PHP & MySQL enabled in the plans. The icons turn on now and I can click INSTALL for either one, but the system just hangs and I get a script timeout.
    RE: phpBB and WorldPress? 2006/04/10 13:04:39 (permalink)
    Ok, I¬ve gotten passed the hanging problem and other installation issues.

    When the user first uses phpBB or WordPress it is asking for a database name, table index, username/password, etc. How are they supposed to know what goes in these fields?
    RE: phpBB and WorldPress? 2006/04/10 14:15:57 (permalink)
    phpBB: Critical Error
    Could not connect to the database

    WordPress: There doesn¬t seem to be a wp-config.php file. I need this before we can get started. Need more help? We got it. You can create a wp-config.php file through a web interface, but this doesn¬t work for all server setups. The safest way is to manually create the file.

    NOTE: I¬ve already checked the IP, Port, Username and Password a few times.
    HC Team
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    RE: phpBB and WorldPress? 2006/05/10 04:21:07 (permalink)
    It seems your php can not establish connection with your mySQL server. If you are using php 5.x.x with mySQL Server 5.x.x then make sure you have installed php 5.x.x complete version with mySQL extensions. I will also recommend you to follow these steps to make both of them fully compatiable on your server:

    * Go to C:\windows … Open Php.ini file
    * Search for “ extension_dir “ add mySQL extensions folder path as “ C:\php\ext “
    * Search “ Mysql “ allow this extension by removing “ ; “
    * Copy this php.ini file into your php installation e.g C:\php

    Whenever you install phpBB or WordPress on any site then HC automatically creates mySQL db by the name of bbdomaincom for phpBB forums & wp1domaincom for WordPress Blogs as well under Tools--->Database Server ( MySQL ). Moreover HC sets mySQL db user name as db name and password as any random number. There is no need to provide this information by user. All he has to give admin user and its random passord displayed on his respective page. ( If php is able to connect with mySQL Server )

    If you still have same problem then please contact our live chat any time or open a ticket on support@hostingcontroller.com.
    RE: phpBB and WorldPress? 2006/05/10 06:55:13 (permalink)
    I am running MySQL 5.0 and PHP 4.4.4. I noticed this in the PHP.INI file:

    ;Windows Extensions
    ;Note that MySQL and ODBC support is now built in, so no dll is needed for it.
    HC Team
    Hosting Controller
    RE: phpBB and WorldPress? 2006/06/10 08:49:58 (permalink)
    Your issue has been fixed by support dept. Actually that was php and mySQL version compatibility issue. It has nothing to do with HC but support did it for you.

    BTW nice comments on WebHostingTalk forums about HC Support. :P

    RE: phpBB and WorldPress? 2006/06/10 12:48:55 (permalink)
    Thanks for helping!

    I think you guys should make a guide for some of this 3rd party stuff. I freshly installed MySQL 5.0 on my server (had only been using MSSQL in the past) and already had PHP 4.3.1 - then tried PHP 4.4.4 and 4.2.x and it would never connect. I checked then MySQL, PHP and Hosting Controller forums and nothing I could find helped make it work.

    I even read somewhere on your forums not to use PHP 5.0.x - so I didn¬t even try it. I was suprised when you installed PHP 5.0.3 to get it working.

    The comments on WebHostingTalk.com are truthful - and they were not necesarily related to this incident, but a combination of incidents in the past. By the end of my post I mentioned that it did the best for what I needed to do, and that I had tried 4+ other web automation packages and didn¬t like them as much as HC.
    RE: phpBB and WorldPress? 2006/06/10 13:50:10 (permalink)
    I¬ve also posted a comment there on WHT as well ;). I would agree with "twizted" that sometimes you ppl do behave like e_n_s_i_m or p_l_e_s_k support.

    I personally rate HC support quite high but product itself lacks some integration and implementations which I hope will be available in new version.

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