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2006/10/19 16:30:45 (permalink)

Problem with MS FTP


I'm using MS FTP.

I cannot complete any upload of big files (more than 800 KB). As soon as the upload reaches the 100% the upload rate remains all the time (It hangs up).

I am using Windows firewall. When I disable the firewall everythings work fine. But if the problem is from the firewall why I am allowed to upload small files (less than 800 KB).

Port 21 is opened. Do I need to do any other configration to Windows Firewall?

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    RE: Problem with MS FTP 2006/10/20 04:53:28 (permalink)
    Please check what is the FTP quota limit set in OS for this FTP account. What is your FTP Client? It might be possible there is something wrong in configuration of your FTP Client.

    Note: ( Go to the propertiese of your Webspace Drive to check FTP quota )

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