LockedNavigation problems in IE7 and Mozilla 2.0

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2006/11/19 14:05:55 (permalink)

Navigation problems in IE7 and Mozilla 2.0

We have recently installed hosting controller on some of our managed servers and customers are facing problem with navigation menu in mozilla 2.0 and IE7. Please let us know if there's any hotfix available for this problem.
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    RE: Navigation problems in IE7 and Mozilla 2.0 2006/11/19 14:41:40 (permalink)
    What’s the problem with IE7 I’ve been using it with HC since its final release, no issues

    More detail if possible, which theme etc

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    RE: Navigation problems in IE7 and Mozilla 2.0 2006/11/20 04:45:13 (permalink)
    Left Tree Menu is not properly being displayed with standard Blue skin. This is the ONLY skin of HC 6.1 having problem and it is already reported to the concerned dept. and soon it will be fixed.

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